Cellular Fitness Partnership

Cellnutrition Sport & Paris Saint Germain Academy

The concept of Cellular Fitness is changing the way we look at sport. More and more athletes, physicians, and even managers are becoming more familiar with the phrase: All sport and fitness starts at your cells.


If it's your cells that make up your muscles, your nerves, your cognitive system, then by maximising the function of individual cells will create the best possible player someone can be.  




'To be a better football player than you have ever been, you have to do something you have never done'



Our Aim?


Our aim is simple.

It is not just about providing a world-first hydration solution, nor is it about providing a patented essential omega oil for cellular output.


It is about the education we want to provide to not just the players but also the coaches, managers, and especially the parents. We want to share what we have discovered through researching aspects on maximising cellular vitality to improve performance.


Our experts are changing the perspective on how we accomplish our goals, and we want to help all of you learn what we have in the last few years. 





The time is now.


We understand that to be the best, players need to start young. This is why partnering up with Paris Saint Germain Florida Academy is the best thing we could've done. By taking control of your body early on will provide the foundation to one day be the greatest player to set foot on the pitch.


Why is Cellular Fitness so important for football?



Complete Hydration: The only electrolyte solutions in the world to contain all essential 78 electrolytes so the cell can effectively use water. Water is used to dissipate heat from every working cell so they can continue to work at a maximum capacity. The patented technology in the omega oil ensures cellular membranes are optimised to allow the influx of water.


Faster Recovery: Hydration and recovery go hand in hand. Dehydration causes fatigue, and your body has to work considerably harder to get blood and oxygen to the working muscles. This causes slow recovery and more production of lactic-acid. Our electrolytes work to solve this whilst our omegas work to reduce muscle soreness so recovery in enhanced significantly.


Reduces the Risk of Muscle Cramps: Electrolyte imbalance and dehydration are factors for muscular cramps which tend to occur towards the end of as game. Our electrolyte solution works to give players the correct proportions of electrolytes to avoid any imbalances and dehydration.


Reduces Lactic-Acid Build Up 46%: The electrolyte solution was scientifically proven to delay the switch to anaerobic respiration even in severely dehydrated states. This means the muscles get a more readily supply of oxygen throughout all of play.


Enhances Strength, Speed & Stamina: Your muscular endurance & cardiovascular system are tested to the limit during matches. Stamina relies on adequate oxygen and energy. Anaerobic metabolism is significantly less efficient at generating energy for working muscles, resulting in fatigue. Our electrolytes delay the switch to anaerobic metabolism significantly.


Sustained Focus: Cognition is just as important as the physical aspects of the game. Mental fatigue can be the difference between winning & losing. Even mild dehydration can impair cognition leading to silly mistakes made at crucial moments in the game. The electrolytes in our hydration solution regulate glucose and oxygen delivery, maximising glucose supply to the brain and nerves for enhanced focus. Essential omega 3 contributes to brain health and function.



"It's the fastest recovery I've ever had after training, I feel as strong and focused in the last 15 minutes of the game. In the time I've been taking Totum Sport, I've had no muscle injuries, illnesses or colds"

- Jermain Defoe, Premier League Footballer



Sleep is a huge factor in proper recovery & repair, yet 75% of athletes fail to get the recommended eight hours of sleep and 11% don't even get six hours. To be the best player on the pitch, you have to look after yourself off the pitch.


Proper Hydration enhances deeper sleep, and in doing so your body can:

  1. Repair Muscles Effectively
  2. Repair Individual Cells
  3. Release Growth Hormone for Development
  4. Detoxify Brain Cells for More Mental Clarity
  5. Restore Energy for the Next Day
  6. Reduces Muscle Soreness & Inflammation


Totum Sport Nite electrolyte solution works to compeltely hydrate the body by providing 78 essential electrolytes that are slowly absorbed whilst you sleep.


Sleep, Repair, & wake up ready.

The Cellular Fitness Solutions

Cellular Fitness is made of three solutions, that when combined, have a powerful effect on the body and performance.



Totum Sport


- Complete hydration

- 78 electrolytes in correct proportions

- Complete recovery

- Enhanced focus

- Reduction in cramps & DOMS

- Reduction in lactic acid by 46%

- Prolonged strength & stamina

- 100 natural, vegan friendly



Totum Sport Nite


- Complete hydration

- 78 electrolytes in correct proportions

- Repair whilst you sleep

- Works to improve gut health

- Works to aid immunity

- Enhances deeper brain sleep

- Aids cellular repair

- 100 natural, vegan friendly


Essential Omega Oil


- Contributes to Proper Cell Membrane Function

- Contributes to Proper Cholesterol Levels

- Reduces Inflammation

- Reduces Muscle Soreness

- Contributes to Brain Health

- Ultra-pure, zero toxins

- Patented technology making it a world-first




Don't load your body with sugar thinking it is having an effect.

Premium solutions create premium players.




Our solutions contain zero sugar. This prevents insulin spikes and a sugar rush that only results in a 'crash'.


We are giving all PSG players, parents, coaches, managers, and other team members a hefty discount since we value the partnership considerably.

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